Tuesday, December 01, 2009
First of December, so out comes the Advent calendar. We've actually got 2. One in the traditional A4 sized paper one with a lovely nativity scene and doors. Except we've had it years, mum gave it to us, and the doors never get opened! The other is one I bought a couple of years ago in a B & Q sale. Initial thoughts were to alter it, but I've grown used to it as it us. Ella helped me last night put a chocolate in each drawer - I wonder why that was LOL. And of course, the first thing she said this morning happened to be about Advent chocolate. So here's a photo of said Advent box.
On a small forum today we were encouraged to write about what we consider "Holiday Values". This is what I wrote. ' For me Christmas is about valuing the time I get to spend with my family. Appreciating the Christian beliefs behind it, and renewing my faith in the 'season of goodwill'. I value the warmth and happiness I feel as the decorations go up in the house and Christmas music is played. I have tried to instal into the children the value that less is more. Each year we buy a present from the local charity shops to help them understand the importance of giving and that the cost is not the main priority.'


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