Sunday, December 06, 2009
Saturday 5th

Another busy day. Don't think it being December helps. One has all the 'usual' stuff to do, then we have to include all the 'extra' stuff. So today we start the morning with only 2 extra teenagers camped out in the boys room. Ben's football starts at 9am - should be interesting as he didn't go to sleep till gone midnight (ETA ended up losing 5-1, but the goal scored was by Ben, not bad for a defender!)

I have a couple of letters I have got to get in the post today. The den needs blitzing - all the pressies and dec's have been stored in there. And as the weather is pants we've been drying clothes in there. And Jeff has his tools in there as he's been doing a few odd jobs. Not including the 2 comfy chairs and floor to ceiling wall unit. And the room is only approx 8' square! Should keep me busy! Then we want to blitz the living room so we can get the Christmas decorations and the tree up.

Tonight I'm going to see one of my oldest friends, Julie, who was a bridesmaid for Jeff and me, for a get-together and a take away. Jeff is kindly chaffeuring me, so I think a little bit of alcohol may be appreciated :) (ETA, yep, much alcohol was enjoyed! :) )


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