Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sunday 6th
Good day today. Woke up to rain pelting down. I mean, we have double glazing, so that's a serious amount of rain to make that much noise to actually wake me up. Mum popped in with a birthday present for Ella from Dawn and Collis - a Go Go Hamster. Dad and Sandra came up for most of the day. They're off to Italy at Christmas - lucky sods - so we had a Christmas get-together today. Jeff's new table top invention was fantastic :) Got an all round thumbs up, room for everyone and the food. Sandra and I debated whether this was actually in our favour as in the past we would both sit in the front room around from the melee! But seriously, you know me, I love the Italian style meals so I loved it. Also, got Sandra converted to Facebook and Farmville - I hope I haven't created a monster!


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