Friday, December 04, 2009
Thursday 3rd December

Yesterday was my last day for teaching 10 of my DPP students. They've hopefully successfully completed their last unit. I've been teaching them weekly since September 2008, the first regular course I taught. It hasn't all been easy. With our money worries; Joe's head injury; studying for the Playwork Awards; as well as the Teacher Training; etc, etc, etc, it has meant some weeks I have honestly felt like giving up. But I'm so pleased I didn't, it was so nice to see them all go. You know, I didn't mean that the way it sounded! LOL! Maybe 'move on' would be a better choice of words! Anyhow they gave me a lovely heart shaped keyring with Hopes and Dreams written on it. You can just see it. And this gorgeous basket of flowers. Apparently when the student that bought them was in the queue, Cliff Richard was in front of her :) Better not tell mum, she'd nick them on the offchance that Cliffy babe had breathed on them LOL


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