Friday, January 08, 2010

And my word for 2010 - twentyten? or thousandandten? - is BALANCE. Last year seemed too, too much. So, after nicking the word from Suzelle :) this is my aim for this year. One week in and how am I faring? Well, the weather conspired against me! I had 2 assignments for my teacher training to complete. Hell, who am I kidding! I had 2 assignments to start and finish LOL 3000 words and 2000 words. Well I do work better under pressure. So this week all kids go back to school and college. Do the necessary jobs Tuesday - banking, shopping, etc. with a view to sudying Wednesday and Thursday in a quiet house. See that balance thing happening there? And then it snowed. And it snowed. And it snowed. Schools shut and kids under my feet. But, you see, I love, love, love the snow, so I can't be cross for very long :) Jeff was a star and kept the kids out of my feet. Even all the visiting teenagers kept away from the kitchen table! But I remembered balance and made sure I got outside and played with Ella in the snow several times, and filmed the boys pushing Jeff up the hill. And of course took some photographs! So today, no college work. Going to edit some photographs after I've up updated this blog and then maybe work on an album I started last year - 9 in 2009.


  1. It looks like a winter wonderland. I am glad you took some time to go play in it too. I like your word for 2010..a good one that we all struggle with I believe. Enjoy your day, and have an extra cup of tea for me.


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