Monday, January 18, 2010
Friday was, thanks to the snow, my first teaching day since early December, and what a day it was! One of the students had broken her foot. So, classroom A was out, went to set up classroom B, but someone in it! Went back to classroom A thinking how to cope, and the student ended up not coming in anyway! Then the computer didn't work. Then it did. Then the power point didn't work. Then it did. Then the SMART board didn't work. Then it did, actually. never got that to work! Then I forgot I was being assessed and my tutor came to watch me cope for an hour! Thank goodness for Joy running around helping me adapt my lesson plan. Feedback tomorrow- if I don't post you know it didn't go well.

Ella's nappies have run out. Need some more. I'm very sorry madam, we only replace them every 12 weeks. But she's run out early as she wasn't well. Can't help you madam. Can you suggest where I can buy a pack as it is urgent. Nope, can't help you with that either madam. Arrhghhhh! What can you help me with. Well, I can give you the date to phone back for when we can help you. Seriously, that was a real conversation!

What company could possibly leave a complaint for over 3 weeks before they even bother to speak to the person? Oh yes, that would be the local Police Station. After the fiasco with the park warden are we surprised? Thought not!

No men today, on the wrong computer :( Ella instead :)


  1. It sounds like one really rough Monday. I hope your week smooths over. You blog sure is looking lovely!!

  2. your blog is looking very cute...and so is that sweet little Ella :) love her braids
    sorry your day was so yucky Suzanne


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