Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Notice anything? Nothing? Maybe? Oh come on! I am just sooooo chuffed with my efforts. Had this blog about 4 years, and it finally looks a bit interesting! All thanks to Irene who suggested the little link up in the left corner :)

Today have done 3 hours in class studying. Followed by 20 - yes 20 - minutes in the Post Office. But had to wait. Forgot to send Joe's compensation claim back, oops! Then a tutorial. Took Josh to town. Joe to work. Jeff and I went to Ella's parents evening. Bless, she's doing the best she can. They are considering letting her do Year 6 again and delay going into secondary. We're happy with whatever's best for her. Played with the blog - did you notice? LOL Sorted out some photos - going to have a go at a Flicker - watch this space! Sorting out notes for tomorrows lesson. Then plan to curl up in a corner somewhere!

Today, Hugh Grant. Love the floppy hair and those sad, sad eyes :)


  1. Wonderful job Suzanne!!!!! Your blog looks amazing!

  2. Okay...let's try that again...GREAT job on your Blog Reface, Suzanne!


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