Monday, January 04, 2010
Out with 2009 - in with 2010. So, last year my word was Gratitude and I think it would be good to mention all the things that I am grateful for. To coin a popular X factor phrase..."in no particular order".....

A roof over our heads. With our money worries that's not completely gone, but che sera sera.

Joe's head injury has left him with his sense of taste and smell a bit dodgy. When I think how much worse it could have been ........

Ella's still fitting, but they're not getting any worse.

Joshua seems to be sorting his head out - no thanks to the doctor who was talking out of his derriere when he mentioned Joshua and Autism in the same sentence!

Joe has got a new girlfriend and he seems to be calming down again :)

Jeff and I both have a job in the current economic climate

I may be tearing my hair out, but thanks to said job I'm going to add a Playwork qualification and a Teacher Training degree to my c.v. Who'd of thought it!

I still have the most lovely bunch of friends anyone could have, even if some are scattered over the globe!

Ben hasn't yet been expelled! And we've found out he likes playing guitar - bass - takes after his mum :)

We were asked to be Godparents to the most adorable little girl :)

Ummmm. Even the obnoxious probationary p.c. deserves a mention. Because of him I am absolutely determined to lose some - a lot - of weight! I know you all love me as I am (well as least one of you! LOL) but maybe I would love me a bit more if I shed some baggage.

Altogether, although 2009 was probably not in my top 10 fav years, it could have been so much worse, and for that I am very grateful


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