Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Snow day -again! 15 minute journey took 50 mins this morning, waited 40 minutes for no students at all to show, then came home again! I know I'm in a minority, but I'm still enjoying the snow. We've be moaning for the last few years we hardly get any snow in this country. Then when get it, and then some, we still moan! Something I think we English are very good at - whinging LOL

So, nothing to report. Need to amend my 2 assignments now I've feedback from the drafts. Have uploaded a couple of short clips of Ella playing in the snow to my Facebook page. Trying to figure out how to upload here, want to share Ella's Christmas Show, her school is just so good with the children :) ETA look at the videos, that school is simply the best at bringing out the best!

Argghhhhh! Why is nothing simple. So I have downloaded film (or is that uploaded? Who knows, who cares!) from Sony camcorder onto the computer. I can put these PMB MPEG-2 files onto a DVD and watch it on the tv. But I cannot convert them to a movie and save onto the computer to enable me to upload one film - all 11 mins of it - onto here. Or You Tube. Why is nothing I ever plan to do simple. I swear Him Upstairs really thinks I don't have enough spare time. So, going to upload some of them to Facebook and put a link from here today (21st Jan) at some point. Wish me luck, I may be gone a while...... Okay, this is the best I can do. I can't combine the 10 clips. Very disappointed with myself :( So I have uploaded 4 of my favourite - of course they've all got Ella in. You know since we adopted her what a joy she has been, and singing and dancing is one of the best things. 11 and can't even write Ella, but watch her knowing the words and moves - amazing :) Enjoy!!!!

Arghhhh! I can't believe they're not loading now. Just going to have a stiff drink or six...will be back!........That's better. Right, if the clips below don't work, this link will (well, of course, knowing my luck, won't!) take you to all the video's

Hottie for the day. Oh, only doing this for this week - there isn't that many drop dead gorgeous fella's out there - or maybe it's just as you get older you get more fussy? Eh, probably not. Just did my Fine on Facebook - £535! The boys joke about how daring and cool they are - where do they think they get it from LOL. Sorry, back to hottie - My favourite today - Antonio Banderas, not too clean cut, and the voice **swoon** Enjoy :)


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