Friday, January 15, 2010
So much for yesterdays post! All good intentions as usual went out of the window thanks to one of the kids.Got a phone call from Ben's school. He'd been throwing snowballs. Now, knowing that they're not supposed to, I was laughing and said "boys will be boys!" She then stopped me to advise me that Ben's eye was so swollen he couldn't open it! Oops, that told me. So the next 3 hours was spent collecting him from school, sorting someone out to look after Ella and then sitting in Minor Injuries! I swear I need a season ticket for that place LOL Just as well we only had 4 kids, otherwise they probably would have named a bed in our honour LOL But, jokes apart it's sore, he grazed his eyeball like you would graze a piece of skin :( I think what he's most unhappy about though is that so far there's no black eye.

Balance? Work and kids the last couple of days. But tonight Jeff and I plan to curl up in front of the box with a good film, chocolate and alcohol and undo all the hard work dieting and exercising I've done all week :)

Today we have Colin Farrell. I love the rugged look, and when he smiles his eyes come to life. Not forgetting his soft Irish accent of course! Now I'm picking these purely by looks ladies, not by their reputation. And I shall definately be posting a few more :)


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