Tuesday, January 12, 2010
So, the My Fitness Coach. Can I just say, I ache! Going through the profile set up was exhausting. She feels I'm overweight and unfit - no really? There's a surprise *insert rolling eyes* Today was my first 15 minutes, and it was a lot easier. Wish me a lot of luck and positive vibes. Will let you know at the first review how I've done :)

While we're discussing fit or not fit, can't possible leave the Winchester family out of the equation! In my eyes, all three definately come under the 'fit' category :)


  1. Keep going with the Fitness Coach! I swear I couldn't believe how quickly I started feeling like I was making significant progress on both strength and endurance.

  2. Im going to have to look into the fitness coach...wish I hadnt just gotten the biggest loser for a christmas gift though


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