Sunday, February 28, 2010
Whoever said that adults need 8 hours sleep a night obviously didn't have kids! If I get 8 hours this weekend I shall have done well.

2.15am Saturday finally get to sleep when Joe and Josh come in, after promising not to be late. I do go to bed, but I can't sleep properly until I know they're in.

5.55am seems a good time for Ella to wake up. Cup of tea in bed.

10.30 we're at the cinema for Odeon Access to watch Planet 51. £5.00 please. No, should be £2.50. Er, Children's showings makes it £5.00. Planet 51 is Odeon Access. No it's not. Another voice pipes up, it was, now it's The Princess and the Frog. Okay, could I have tickets for that then. No problem, £2.50! Loved this film :) Didn't like that I couldn't eat any chocolate though.

1.00pm Went to Farnborough Make-It Craft Show. Was going to go Sunday. Just as well I didn't, as the weather meant it was cancelled! Didn't spend much, quite easy to do when you haven't got much.

3.00pm God-Daughters first birthday party. Ella loved it, she doesn't get invited to many parties :(

And that was the easy part of the day compared to the evening! I ended up with 3 of Ben's mates sleeping on the living room floor because they had been let down by another mate. Joe coming in too late with Marley. He's been told he does that again it'll be the last time she stays over. One of Josh's mates turns up at 1.15 to speak to Joe. Tells me Josh is with another friend. 2am I text him to find out where he is. 2.30 get a phone call from the police, he's in the cells. But now he's 17 we aren't allowed any information so just have to wait to see what he's done. I get up and make a cuppa for me and Jeff. Fell asleep about 4.30am.

Up at 8 with Ella.

Who needs 8 hours a night!

Our gorgeous God-Daughter on her first birthday with her adorable big sister and lovely Mummy and Daddy :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010
Breathing for a few minutes before we get going again.

Yesterday taught a class of Year 11's. There were 3 other adults in the room and a few of the girls were still 'lively'. Didn't put me off, would do it again :) Football training. Um, feels like I've been a lot busier than that?

Out to the cinema this morning with Ella to the Special Needs viewing - Planet 51. This is the fourth film this year since the cinema introduced the scheme, and so far I hadn't seen any of them first time round. Then this afternoon we are off to my God-Daughter and her big sisters birthday party, aka Orla and Martha. I can't make cards for toffee, so cheated! Photos are tag for Martha's present, and card for Orla. I could not find one nice card that said God-Daughter on it, so I improvised. Think it's okay!

Jeff's forgiven, the night after the Quality Street incident I went to bed and found a bag of sour apples :) It's the boys turn to wind me up. How dare they cancel Greys and tape South Park instead! And then deny it. Oh, yeah, that's right, I forget technology was THAT good nowadays the Sky Plus box could choose what it wants to save!

Yesterday Jeff bumped into an old Racal colleague, which reminded me of a story about the fellow. It was my birthday and one of the lads had left me a bunch of flowers to cheer me up - not not Jeff, as if! I knew who it was, but I went up to this lad instead and gushed my thanks, telling him how much I appreciated them and how much they meant to me! Give him his dues he admitted it wasn't him, I looked crestfallen and walked away. Apparently his face was a picture!

Photos are the tag and card before and after :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Remind me why I love my husband will you?

Yesterday he eats Quality Street in front of me in bed when I have given up chocolate for Lent. Today he tells me "I throw like a girl!" Well, d'ur. And no I wasn't throwing something at him LOL And then when his football can't be recorded cos Sky Plus is already set up? I am working out what I can move to Plus One so that we're both happy. And Jeff says he doesn't give a flying **** about what I want as long as the football is okay. Sigh. I should be the short tempered one, it's been a week since I had any chocolate! I'm beginning to think giving up swearing might have been easier. Then again, I wouldn't have been able to use a few choice words this evening, so maybe it was the right decision ;)
Right, off to colour my hair, wish me luck!
Saturday, February 20, 2010
Due to popular demand - ok, one request, but on here that's a pretty good average! Photos of my cooking, well sort of! The mint crisps are all that's left. The photo of the cakes - well, that's a photo of what they should have looked like LMAO The little pink dot in the corner? Well, that was the colour of the cases, see, all pink and Valentiny!
What else?

Had cucumber sandwiches and scones at Anna's. I know, me posh, who'd a thought it! Her youngest was very impressed with Ella. He said to Anna "Mummy, Ella was nice to me, she didn't even try to pull my hair once" LOL
I *think* I have passed 2 more of my assignments for my teacher training. I say think because it wasn't the easier to understand. But Joy got the same, and she was bound to have passed!

Got a lovely photo of Joe and Marley - only taken 3 months, will show that off next time.

Ben got dumped by text. I should feel bad for him, but seeing as he took her VD card around 3 days late, I don't think he was that bothered by her. He'll be dating someone else soon. He started at 5, by the time he's 18 he will have dated every girl in the town!

Back to school in 2 days so better get on with, well, everything!
Wednesday, February 17, 2010
So, Valentine's came and went. Jeff's turn this year to cook a meal, and very nice it was too :) I also got a bunch of red roses and a simple card with a heart on it. He knows me well enough to know that all the slush is just not me. I am very romantic, but have no time for all the carp they put in cards. But the card had little gemstones and sequins stuck on it, so he had given it a lot of thought.

How did my attempts go? Okay, anyone that knows me knows that I don't do cards. Been known to even forget to send all my Christmas cards out on more than one year. So card was a cute notelet I found amoungst my emergency collection! I did add Happy Valentines to it! Pressie was an empty heart tin I bought in last years Valentines sale and then I filled it up with Roses from a tin we had. So of course I felt mean. Now, at this point the best thing would have been to nip to the local shops. But, never to be defeated I decided to do some baking. Big mistake! Huge!

Firstly I thought I'd make some homemade chocolate mint thins. Couldn't find a recipe, but decided it couldn't be that complicated. Dark chocolate - check. Mints - check. Now to smash the mints. Anybody ever tried that? I am still finding bits of mint in the kitchen from whacking them with a rolling pin :) Even at the back of the fridge? Go figure. And yes, I had wrapped them up, but they obviously didn't want to be pummelled! Having said all that, they actually came out very nice :)

Then, I thought some fairy cakes. Little fairy cakes with a lemon filling and meringue on top. How difficult could that be? Apart from one broken egg on the floor; getting egg yolk in the egg whites; the cream not thickening; the cream tasting yeuck and Ella trying to help Apart from that, they looked nice LMAO

Friday, February 12, 2010
Just another manic week in the household. I taught 3 times this week, so that's 3 lots of prep and planning. Governors parents evening Tuesday for a couple of hours. Governors Admission and Curriculum meeting Wednesday. Ella to the doctors, she's back on Epilim. Took our young visitor to a bail hearing. Phone up in the morning to confirm it's still going ahead. Get to the police station a few hours later and they've postponed it. Why am I not surprised? Completed getting the photos down for my December 2009 album, just need to jazz it up. Bit of assessing. Two football training sessions. Ben guitar lesson. Looks like Joe has finally got a plan for September. He's also got his first driving lesson in a year, after the head injury, so he is really looking forward to that. I have finally got my funding approved for the teacher training course - only taken since September! Ella's class was in a dance festival, about 40 schools took part. I couldn't get to it, but Jeff said she remembered all her moves :) Dad had his op yesterday and apparently it went well, bet he's already planned his next game of golf! And that's the things I can remember!

Do you remember the photo of the beautiful basket of flowers I got from my students in December. I accidentally dried the roses, never done that before. But they look pretty gorgeous, so I kept them :)
Sunday, February 07, 2010
Busy few days - no s*** Sherlock! Tell me something new. Okay - I went scrapping - YAY. MJ's all day crop, and I stayed all day. In fact, they were literally peeling me off of the table! Completed two recipe CJ's and made a hole in my 9 in 2009 and December 09 albums.

I passed my Playwork course :) So now I can teach Playworkers as well as Early Years :)

Ben's team won 6-2.

Joshua's off to play in a minute.

Joe had his disciplinary Friday, which he did not deserve. But he is seriously in my bad books for something he does deserve. Jeff had kept it from me after the past few months, but I found out today, and to say he is lucky he's not homeless is not an understatement!

We have an extra living with us, one of Joshua's mate's been kicked out by his mum :( So lots of love and feeding up needed. Something we have in abundance here :)

Jeff got shunted in the car on Friday. All not hurt, except for the car. So Jeff gets out. Other driver can't speak a word of English. Jeff says he'll have to phone the police cos he needs the fella's insurance details. "No, no police. Friend. Works in flats". So Jeff says okay. His mate turns up who also can't speak a word of English - what was the point of that! Jeff phones police. 1 car and 1 van = 4 police bods for a rear end shunt! Jeff had to be breathalised, so did the other driver. Both fine. And police did check and gave Jeff insurance details. What a palavar on a Friday night!

Speaking of the police, got my written apology from the copper who was rude to me. Just need to find a suitable frame - and hang it somewhere that everyone that visits can see it!

Taught Friday. Swearing at the computer. My boss laughs and says she's just written in a reference how good I am with ICT and how I remain calm under pressure when it's not behaving LOL Teaching first thing tomorrow - The Principles of Behaviour Management, so ought to get back to the lesson planning. Then need to create a proposal for third teaching assignment.

No photos - haven't got time.
Thursday, February 04, 2010
Eyes are back to normal so how did I celebrate? Scrapping. How sad is that?! This is a take on Becky Higgins Love Notes idea. I thought it would be nice to keep the comments, rather than just have post-it notes all over the place, more mess for the kids not to clean up! LOL

The idea is to write something nice in the books regularly. Should be interesting to see what what the boys write about each other! If it's not too offensive I might even copy a couple here. Don't expect to see many will you :) The box was from a class 3 years ago I never completed; the ribbon from card making; and the mini books and papers have been hanging around forever. You know how I like to recycle!