Saturday, February 27, 2010
Breathing for a few minutes before we get going again.

Yesterday taught a class of Year 11's. There were 3 other adults in the room and a few of the girls were still 'lively'. Didn't put me off, would do it again :) Football training. Um, feels like I've been a lot busier than that?

Out to the cinema this morning with Ella to the Special Needs viewing - Planet 51. This is the fourth film this year since the cinema introduced the scheme, and so far I hadn't seen any of them first time round. Then this afternoon we are off to my God-Daughter and her big sisters birthday party, aka Orla and Martha. I can't make cards for toffee, so cheated! Photos are tag for Martha's present, and card for Orla. I could not find one nice card that said God-Daughter on it, so I improvised. Think it's okay!

Jeff's forgiven, the night after the Quality Street incident I went to bed and found a bag of sour apples :) It's the boys turn to wind me up. How dare they cancel Greys and tape South Park instead! And then deny it. Oh, yeah, that's right, I forget technology was THAT good nowadays the Sky Plus box could choose what it wants to save!

Yesterday Jeff bumped into an old Racal colleague, which reminded me of a story about the fellow. It was my birthday and one of the lads had left me a bunch of flowers to cheer me up - not not Jeff, as if! I knew who it was, but I went up to this lad instead and gushed my thanks, telling him how much I appreciated them and how much they meant to me! Give him his dues he admitted it wasn't him, I looked crestfallen and walked away. Apparently his face was a picture!

Photos are the tag and card before and after :)


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