Sunday, February 07, 2010
Busy few days - no s*** Sherlock! Tell me something new. Okay - I went scrapping - YAY. MJ's all day crop, and I stayed all day. In fact, they were literally peeling me off of the table! Completed two recipe CJ's and made a hole in my 9 in 2009 and December 09 albums.

I passed my Playwork course :) So now I can teach Playworkers as well as Early Years :)

Ben's team won 6-2.

Joshua's off to play in a minute.

Joe had his disciplinary Friday, which he did not deserve. But he is seriously in my bad books for something he does deserve. Jeff had kept it from me after the past few months, but I found out today, and to say he is lucky he's not homeless is not an understatement!

We have an extra living with us, one of Joshua's mate's been kicked out by his mum :( So lots of love and feeding up needed. Something we have in abundance here :)

Jeff got shunted in the car on Friday. All not hurt, except for the car. So Jeff gets out. Other driver can't speak a word of English. Jeff says he'll have to phone the police cos he needs the fella's insurance details. "No, no police. Friend. Works in flats". So Jeff says okay. His mate turns up who also can't speak a word of English - what was the point of that! Jeff phones police. 1 car and 1 van = 4 police bods for a rear end shunt! Jeff had to be breathalised, so did the other driver. Both fine. And police did check and gave Jeff insurance details. What a palavar on a Friday night!

Speaking of the police, got my written apology from the copper who was rude to me. Just need to find a suitable frame - and hang it somewhere that everyone that visits can see it!

Taught Friday. Swearing at the computer. My boss laughs and says she's just written in a reference how good I am with ICT and how I remain calm under pressure when it's not behaving LOL Teaching first thing tomorrow - The Principles of Behaviour Management, so ought to get back to the lesson planning. Then need to create a proposal for third teaching assignment.

No photos - haven't got time.


  1. Well done on passing the playworker course hun and it was lovely to see you at the crop and of course will see you at the next one soon lol


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