Saturday, February 20, 2010
Due to popular demand - ok, one request, but on here that's a pretty good average! Photos of my cooking, well sort of! The mint crisps are all that's left. The photo of the cakes - well, that's a photo of what they should have looked like LMAO The little pink dot in the corner? Well, that was the colour of the cases, see, all pink and Valentiny!
What else?

Had cucumber sandwiches and scones at Anna's. I know, me posh, who'd a thought it! Her youngest was very impressed with Ella. He said to Anna "Mummy, Ella was nice to me, she didn't even try to pull my hair once" LOL
I *think* I have passed 2 more of my assignments for my teacher training. I say think because it wasn't the easier to understand. But Joy got the same, and she was bound to have passed!

Got a lovely photo of Joe and Marley - only taken 3 months, will show that off next time.

Ben got dumped by text. I should feel bad for him, but seeing as he took her VD card around 3 days late, I don't think he was that bothered by her. He'll be dating someone else soon. He started at 5, by the time he's 18 he will have dated every girl in the town!

Back to school in 2 days so better get on with, well, everything!


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