Friday, February 12, 2010
Just another manic week in the household. I taught 3 times this week, so that's 3 lots of prep and planning. Governors parents evening Tuesday for a couple of hours. Governors Admission and Curriculum meeting Wednesday. Ella to the doctors, she's back on Epilim. Took our young visitor to a bail hearing. Phone up in the morning to confirm it's still going ahead. Get to the police station a few hours later and they've postponed it. Why am I not surprised? Completed getting the photos down for my December 2009 album, just need to jazz it up. Bit of assessing. Two football training sessions. Ben guitar lesson. Looks like Joe has finally got a plan for September. He's also got his first driving lesson in a year, after the head injury, so he is really looking forward to that. I have finally got my funding approved for the teacher training course - only taken since September! Ella's class was in a dance festival, about 40 schools took part. I couldn't get to it, but Jeff said she remembered all her moves :) Dad had his op yesterday and apparently it went well, bet he's already planned his next game of golf! And that's the things I can remember!

Do you remember the photo of the beautiful basket of flowers I got from my students in December. I accidentally dried the roses, never done that before. But they look pretty gorgeous, so I kept them :)


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