Wednesday, February 17, 2010
So, Valentine's came and went. Jeff's turn this year to cook a meal, and very nice it was too :) I also got a bunch of red roses and a simple card with a heart on it. He knows me well enough to know that all the slush is just not me. I am very romantic, but have no time for all the carp they put in cards. But the card had little gemstones and sequins stuck on it, so he had given it a lot of thought.

How did my attempts go? Okay, anyone that knows me knows that I don't do cards. Been known to even forget to send all my Christmas cards out on more than one year. So card was a cute notelet I found amoungst my emergency collection! I did add Happy Valentines to it! Pressie was an empty heart tin I bought in last years Valentines sale and then I filled it up with Roses from a tin we had. So of course I felt mean. Now, at this point the best thing would have been to nip to the local shops. But, never to be defeated I decided to do some baking. Big mistake! Huge!

Firstly I thought I'd make some homemade chocolate mint thins. Couldn't find a recipe, but decided it couldn't be that complicated. Dark chocolate - check. Mints - check. Now to smash the mints. Anybody ever tried that? I am still finding bits of mint in the kitchen from whacking them with a rolling pin :) Even at the back of the fridge? Go figure. And yes, I had wrapped them up, but they obviously didn't want to be pummelled! Having said all that, they actually came out very nice :)

Then, I thought some fairy cakes. Little fairy cakes with a lemon filling and meringue on top. How difficult could that be? Apart from one broken egg on the floor; getting egg yolk in the egg whites; the cream not thickening; the cream tasting yeuck and Ella trying to help Apart from that, they looked nice LMAO


  1. I want to see pics of the mint thins and cupcakes! Gorgeous flowers x


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