Sunday, February 28, 2010
Whoever said that adults need 8 hours sleep a night obviously didn't have kids! If I get 8 hours this weekend I shall have done well.

2.15am Saturday finally get to sleep when Joe and Josh come in, after promising not to be late. I do go to bed, but I can't sleep properly until I know they're in.

5.55am seems a good time for Ella to wake up. Cup of tea in bed.

10.30 we're at the cinema for Odeon Access to watch Planet 51. £5.00 please. No, should be £2.50. Er, Children's showings makes it £5.00. Planet 51 is Odeon Access. No it's not. Another voice pipes up, it was, now it's The Princess and the Frog. Okay, could I have tickets for that then. No problem, £2.50! Loved this film :) Didn't like that I couldn't eat any chocolate though.

1.00pm Went to Farnborough Make-It Craft Show. Was going to go Sunday. Just as well I didn't, as the weather meant it was cancelled! Didn't spend much, quite easy to do when you haven't got much.

3.00pm God-Daughters first birthday party. Ella loved it, she doesn't get invited to many parties :(

And that was the easy part of the day compared to the evening! I ended up with 3 of Ben's mates sleeping on the living room floor because they had been let down by another mate. Joe coming in too late with Marley. He's been told he does that again it'll be the last time she stays over. One of Josh's mates turns up at 1.15 to speak to Joe. Tells me Josh is with another friend. 2am I text him to find out where he is. 2.30 get a phone call from the police, he's in the cells. But now he's 17 we aren't allowed any information so just have to wait to see what he's done. I get up and make a cuppa for me and Jeff. Fell asleep about 4.30am.

Up at 8 with Ella.

Who needs 8 hours a night!

Our gorgeous God-Daughter on her first birthday with her adorable big sister and lovely Mummy and Daddy :)


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