Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Little bit of crafting :) Decorated these boxes to hold post-its, highlighter pens, and sweets! All to take around with me in my teaching bag. Used Tim Holtz inks for the metal tin - bought some off a friend about 2 months ago, and finally got around to trying them out LOL

Ben and Josh both won their football matches at the weekend by a mile. Josh also got his first yellow card this season - not bad since season started last August.

Ella had a dentist appointment yesterday and has chewed her lip again like last time - dentist describes it as trauma :(

Bless her it looks so sore :( Before that though, at school they were decorating eggs for their parents for Easter. We're apparently not getting one because instead of painting it, Ella shelled and ate it LMAO!

Boys have agreed to help out about the house a bit more. Ben cooked spaghetti bolognese yesterday for tea, and today Joe has done a mexican. And they've been ironing! It can't last but we're making the most of it while it does!
Saturday, March 27, 2010
Ella's school Easter Parade yesterday. You have not lived if you haven't seen a special needs production. You have to accept there will be noise. There will be chaos. There will be no sticking to a schedule. And there will be tears of pride. And a lot of happy children :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010
Little bit of home - Ha! pun :) - decor. It started off as a plain wooden word. I decorated it initially with decoupatch, but hated it, so started again! It's now over the arch between the kitchen and the den.
Saturday, March 20, 2010
In town today was getting a couple of Easter pressies and spotted these choccies :) Not sure he deserves them, but got them for him all the same!

Wednesday teaching and then in the evening watched Joshua play a footy match. Thursday I got to spend time with my God-daughter and her big sister; had a cuppa with mum; and went to Ella's annual statement review. Friday taught the apprentices about HIV and AIDS. Didn't know a great deal about it, but did some research, and it was really interesting to learn and teach :) Jeff and I went for lunch and had this yummy dessert :)Friday had to take Josh to his bail hearing. What a waste of time. Over an hour in traffic to be told 'come back in a month!' Grrrrrr.

Jeff has completed his jury service - but that deserves a post all to itself LOL

This weekend Josh and Ben have both had football - one win, one not! Joe's been loved up with Marley; Ella's been poorly; and Jeff's been moody! What an exciting life I lead LOL

Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Mothers Day and got 3 cards - a record! Joe brought me breakfast in bed - well a bowl of nuked porridge but as he said 'it's the thought that counts!' ;0) Drank a bottle of Rose and had a hangover headache before I had even gone to bed! Then a takeaway Chinese, altogether a very nice lazy day :)

Of course doing nothing one day means there's twice as much to do the next day! Monday night I'm on my fifth load of washing to hang out and cooking for eight (ok, Jeff was doing the cooking - I had a brain storm and decided to blitz the kitchen. Jeff usually goes into one when I decide to do something like that, but he was very quiet. When I quizzed him about it, he very sensibly said "What's the point?"! Did some teaching Monday morning - observations, enjoy that topic :) - with my teaching hat on. Then went to SMC to look through the admissions for the forthcoming year with my governor hat on. Today went off to Cabrini - which was the Catholic Children's Society in a previous life - to chat to a group about adopting a SN kid and the services we became involved with. - with my adopters hat on. Will the real Suzanne please stand up?!

Tonight Ben had his guitar lesson and I was chatting to Kezzy about Ella's birth parents. He didn't know she was adopted. It hit me that she's been with us that long that we never mention the adoption word any more. And to think 7 years ago someone was trying to stop social services let us adopt her :-( Can't imagine life without her now.

Little crafty thing. I covered this little notebook as a 'no reason gift' and left it by Joy's computer at work :)
Sunday, March 14, 2010
So, the answer to the previous post was 'yes'. The students did notice something was off. However I explained I was tired, and they all breathed a sigh of relief - they thought I was in a bad mood LOL! Managed to get through the lesson, not sure how. Then Jeff and I went to Frankie and Benny's for lunch, so lovely to spend a couple of hours on our own :)

Jeff has rented 4 DVD's for 4 nights. Loved The Ugly Truth, do like Katherine Heigl, then next would be The Proposal. Couples Retreat was okay, but think with a better script it could have been a lot funnier. A bit like The Boat that Rocked. The concept is good, the cast fab, but the script comes up disappointing - listen to me like I know anything about making a film :)

Been doing a bit of crafting. This is a canvas of Joseph and Marley to add to the wall collection.
Thursday, March 11, 2010
Jeff and I went to the cinema Sunday night - just the 2 of us! - last minute decision - didn't sit in the back row though! Saw Valentines Day. I liked it, but I didn't love it. It was like it had tried to be as good as Love Actually, and come on, that just isn't possible. Love Actually has to be in my Top 10 of fave films! But it was lovely to spend a couple of hours together without the hoards wanting something LOL.

Jeff bought me this the other day :) He saw it in a sale and thought I'd like it. Now I know some women may find it offensive if her man bought her a kitchen utensil as a pressie - me, I'm over the moon :)

So, this was the result of having the whisk. My first batch of cakes to display on my stand. I do need to work on a steady hand. The icing looks as if I've been at the vino LOL!

So as well as the flicks and baking, what else? I've done 2 Care Ambassador events with groups of teenagers. Taught as usual Wednesday and then Wednesday night was a Governor Meeting - 3 blooming hours long! Yesterday I spent 1.5 hours with some Year 13's discussing Child Care. After that I met Jane and Rebecca and we spent the whole afternoon/early evening together as they are over for a couple of days. Bought a few Easter bits and pieces. One of my American friends mentioned she had her wreath on the door for Easter. We don't do that over here, but I thought what a fab idea. So plan to decorate a wreath for the front door, a garland over the hearth and something for the dinner table. We'll see how that all pans out!

So have had a pretty good week, except for Ella waking me at 2.30 this morning not feeling well. She finally went back to sleep at 5am, and of course I'm still wide awake! Teaching in a few hours, that should be fun. Not only that, teaching Moving and Handling in Childcare, do you think they'll notice if it's not very interactive and I have a snooze in the classroom! LOL

Sunday, March 07, 2010
MJ's all day crop yesterday - 2 months running I've been able to go!Had a lovely day, of course :) Like the photo? Managed to hide my face again, MJ needs to be quicker than that LOL

What else? Ben's team won 9-1. Joshua's team drew 4-4, and the other manager came over and told Josh he is an excellent player :) Took lodger to his bail hearing on Thursday and police confirmed my opinions on them!
Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Girls Nights Out should be Compulsory!

I am exhausted! Had a fab, fab, night with some of the girls. Old age, sex, Tena pads, men, you name it, we laughed about it :) Good friends are so important, I think I am truly blessed to have so many lovely friends :)

Naughty, naughty Kathryn is a bad influence and I couldn't resist buying this - on special offer at
Amazon. Well it was! £13-00 and free postage was too good an opportunity to miss :)

Hopefullyat the weekend I might fill it to look as nice as this :)
Today I have spent the morning teaching; been to Joe's parents evening; and tonight Josh and Ben have football training. So I should be asleep by 9pm!
Tuesday, March 02, 2010
Joe and Marley - isn't she adorable?

Josh finally got out of the police station at 4.30pm. He's on bail for something like a public services offence. Okay, it was stupid to throw a can - note, can, not bottle - at a window. But not sure how appropriate it was for the shopkeeper to lock him in the shop! How can that be legal? He accused Josh of shoplifting, but his pockets were empty and the CCTV will back that up.

So Sunday was a wipeout waiting to hear from Joshua. Yesterday taught a workshop, but threw a temper tantrum beforehand - oops! Been decorating a few wooden bits I bought at the Make-It show, not quite finished yet.