Saturday, March 20, 2010
In town today was getting a couple of Easter pressies and spotted these choccies :) Not sure he deserves them, but got them for him all the same!

Wednesday teaching and then in the evening watched Joshua play a footy match. Thursday I got to spend time with my God-daughter and her big sister; had a cuppa with mum; and went to Ella's annual statement review. Friday taught the apprentices about HIV and AIDS. Didn't know a great deal about it, but did some research, and it was really interesting to learn and teach :) Jeff and I went for lunch and had this yummy dessert :)Friday had to take Josh to his bail hearing. What a waste of time. Over an hour in traffic to be told 'come back in a month!' Grrrrrr.

Jeff has completed his jury service - but that deserves a post all to itself LOL

This weekend Josh and Ben have both had football - one win, one not! Joe's been loved up with Marley; Ella's been poorly; and Jeff's been moody! What an exciting life I lead LOL


  1. sounds busy!!! but, that dessert is quiet a reward!:-)


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