Thursday, March 11, 2010
Jeff and I went to the cinema Sunday night - just the 2 of us! - last minute decision - didn't sit in the back row though! Saw Valentines Day. I liked it, but I didn't love it. It was like it had tried to be as good as Love Actually, and come on, that just isn't possible. Love Actually has to be in my Top 10 of fave films! But it was lovely to spend a couple of hours together without the hoards wanting something LOL.

Jeff bought me this the other day :) He saw it in a sale and thought I'd like it. Now I know some women may find it offensive if her man bought her a kitchen utensil as a pressie - me, I'm over the moon :)

So, this was the result of having the whisk. My first batch of cakes to display on my stand. I do need to work on a steady hand. The icing looks as if I've been at the vino LOL!

So as well as the flicks and baking, what else? I've done 2 Care Ambassador events with groups of teenagers. Taught as usual Wednesday and then Wednesday night was a Governor Meeting - 3 blooming hours long! Yesterday I spent 1.5 hours with some Year 13's discussing Child Care. After that I met Jane and Rebecca and we spent the whole afternoon/early evening together as they are over for a couple of days. Bought a few Easter bits and pieces. One of my American friends mentioned she had her wreath on the door for Easter. We don't do that over here, but I thought what a fab idea. So plan to decorate a wreath for the front door, a garland over the hearth and something for the dinner table. We'll see how that all pans out!

So have had a pretty good week, except for Ella waking me at 2.30 this morning not feeling well. She finally went back to sleep at 5am, and of course I'm still wide awake! Teaching in a few hours, that should be fun. Not only that, teaching Moving and Handling in Childcare, do you think they'll notice if it's not very interactive and I have a snooze in the classroom! LOL


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