Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Little bit of crafting :) Decorated these boxes to hold post-its, highlighter pens, and sweets! All to take around with me in my teaching bag. Used Tim Holtz inks for the metal tin - bought some off a friend about 2 months ago, and finally got around to trying them out LOL

Ben and Josh both won their football matches at the weekend by a mile. Josh also got his first yellow card this season - not bad since season started last August.

Ella had a dentist appointment yesterday and has chewed her lip again like last time - dentist describes it as trauma :(

Bless her it looks so sore :( Before that though, at school they were decorating eggs for their parents for Easter. We're apparently not getting one because instead of painting it, Ella shelled and ate it LMAO!

Boys have agreed to help out about the house a bit more. Ben cooked spaghetti bolognese yesterday for tea, and today Joe has done a mexican. And they've been ironing! It can't last but we're making the most of it while it does!


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