Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Mothers Day and got 3 cards - a record! Joe brought me breakfast in bed - well a bowl of nuked porridge but as he said 'it's the thought that counts!' ;0) Drank a bottle of Rose and had a hangover headache before I had even gone to bed! Then a takeaway Chinese, altogether a very nice lazy day :)

Of course doing nothing one day means there's twice as much to do the next day! Monday night I'm on my fifth load of washing to hang out and cooking for eight (ok, Jeff was doing the cooking - I had a brain storm and decided to blitz the kitchen. Jeff usually goes into one when I decide to do something like that, but he was very quiet. When I quizzed him about it, he very sensibly said "What's the point?"! Did some teaching Monday morning - observations, enjoy that topic :) - with my teaching hat on. Then went to SMC to look through the admissions for the forthcoming year with my governor hat on. Today went off to Cabrini - which was the Catholic Children's Society in a previous life - to chat to a group about adopting a SN kid and the services we became involved with. - with my adopters hat on. Will the real Suzanne please stand up?!

Tonight Ben had his guitar lesson and I was chatting to Kezzy about Ella's birth parents. He didn't know she was adopted. It hit me that she's been with us that long that we never mention the adoption word any more. And to think 7 years ago someone was trying to stop social services let us adopt her :-( Can't imagine life without her now.

Little crafty thing. I covered this little notebook as a 'no reason gift' and left it by Joy's computer at work :)


  1. What a cute gift, Suzanne!! Seven years of being Ella's parents - congratulations!!!!!

  2. Suzanne, Cannot believe I've got mine out this week to give as a present too. Must get it done today.


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