Thursday, April 15, 2010
Very low key Easter as Jeff was working all weekend, but for the first time ever - those JNI girls are a bad influence :) - I decorated a little bit to celebrate. Remember the basket of flowers I got from my students at Christmas? Same basket, my first attempt at flower arranging! Not too bad I suppose.Then the fireplace, I was actually really chuffed with this by the end - but you should have seen it half-way through, not so impressive!Jeff bought me these roses, the fact that they were reduced from £15 to £4 was probably the reason, but hey, don't care, roses are roses :) All the handmade bits Ella did at school. We should also have had a decorated egg, but she peeled and ate it! LMAO Another first. My first attempt at a wreath. It's okay, but I think for next year I will probably add a few more bows and flowers to it.

So that's it, hope you all had a blessed and peaceful Easter xx


  1. Yeah for you Suzanne!
    Your Easter decorating was FUN & PRETTY!


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