Monday, May 31, 2010
Not sure where that week went! Ella had her first dancing class; Ben had a guitar lesson; finally got round to talking to the local authority about fostering; went to the pictures with Ella and Jeff; meal out at Frankie and Benny's; 2 teaching classes; 1 learning class; 2 governor meetings; 1 disciplinary for one of the boys; Joy came round for a drink; Mellie and Tim visited all too briefly; think Tim appreciated the true meaning of the Eurovision Song Contest - taking the p! oh, and I had a birthday! The first picture is with my new phone - I know, I've been dragged kicking and screaming into having a new phone. It's not very exciting, but takes good outdoor photos. The next photo is with the phone, but indoors, not so good, but maybe it's got a flash that I haven't found yet LOL Number 3 is Mellie and Tim with Ella - Ella's chatting to Jeff :) And the last is Heathrow Airport at 5.15 in the morning - yawn!
Sunday, May 23, 2010
What a fab weekend with a fab bunch of girlies :) Got to Debden at 2pm. And waited. And waited. And waited! Began to think I had the wrong weekend LOL But everyone started turning up after 4pm. So, several hours of creating and a lovely meal later and what are we doing? Well some of us are still crafting and some of us are watching the final episode of Ashes to Ashes. I wasn't bothered about the programme, but no harm in admiring a bit of the Gene Genie :) Sadly, I am not a true scrapper as I missed a fabulous scrapping opportunity at the end of the programme. Archie's face was an absolute picture and I didn't get to the camera in time LOLThese are just some photos of the grounds around Debden House. It truly is a breathtaking place : There's lots more on my facebook page if you're bothered :))And finally, the girls. So, in no particular order, what did I learn this weekend? I met Aunty Jackie who is lovely. Gladys is still happy in bed. Pepper scraps lovely pages. Archie isn't sure that just because a rubon says "spunk" (American rub-on obviously) that it's necessarily appropriate for an English layout, but we made her smile. KT is sooo sweet. Claire said hello to everyone ;) Gwneth has had some amazingly embarassing moments. Dougie wants paper with Poo written on them. Or is it that Claire wants her to have them? Lou had the most awesome necklace on Friday night that she had made. Jo has got bitten by the beading bug. And me, I taught everyone an alternative to a Meatloaf song, and no I'm not repeating it! And as for those lists ............
What a tiring few days. The list I had to get through Thursday in order to get away Friday for the weekend was pretty immense. Complete pay claim - always complicated! Finish library book as due back Friday. Email Wendy. Card for Joy. All the portfolios up to date - and that took hours! Lesson plan for Friday. Joshua to YOP - that's a whole separate post. Pack scrapping stuff. Shower. Shave! Clothes pack. Money for Claire. DTTLs assignment stuff. Oh, plus feeding the kids. Believe it or not - and going to bed at gone 1am I managed to get it all done. Well, save for the book. Which wasn't the end of the world as I never really got into the book. Plus of course other stuff going on. Like Joe being on suspension. Like WFTC reckoning we owe them £5,800!! Like having to fight for Joe to get a sensible award from the criminal injury compensation people. You know, sometimes I wonder when we are due a break and a few months of stress-free living!
Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Last Saturday when I went to the fashion sale with Anna I fell in love with these bags. If I hadn't have just treated myself to the Cath Kidston one........ well, maybe next year! They're called Micha Bags and the idea is you buy a shell and then covers to change your bag. So cool! I think the future daughter-in-laws will all be getting one of these for Christmas. A shell, 3 wraps and long and short straps, £60 - you could spend that on one bag!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Ella's behaviours been a bit up and down lately - actually a lot down which is exhausting, but that's another story! But for having a good day at school and at home she was allowed a treat, and she chose to bake some fairy cakes :) This is the icing session - much more messy than the baking part LOL The last picture was my effort - more organised, but I think Ella had more fun! Oh and do you like the tablecloth? Got it from Tesco's - couldn't resist :) What with the cake stand, and Ella's apron and chef's hat, do you think I am developing a bit of an obsession?!
Saturday, May 15, 2010
Been teaching and working most of the week. Up to my eyes in Governor stuff for new admissions, I think "Arghhhh!" says it all LOL Ben queried why I was still a governor at the school when they've all left and it's all voluntary. He has a point!

Went to the big fashion sale in Ascot this morning with Anna :) Wasn't a great deal that grabbed me, but I'd been thinking about getting some sparkly bra straps for a while, so finally treated myself :) From
Chantee - the website is actually pretty limited, there was a lot more to chose from.

This afternoon Joshua had a football tournament and they won :) He played really well, considering he was in casualty on Tuesday!

Oh yeah, fell in the science lab, knocked himself out briefly and injured his arm. So yet more hours spent sitting in casualty - I really ought to get that season ticket LOL
Monday, May 10, 2010
Quick post as I should be completing DTTLS coursework! A couple of weeks ago the Cath Kidston websites had a 15% off deal. Well, I couldn't normally afford such treats, but couldn't resist!
Friday, May 07, 2010
Busy. Busy. Busy. With girlfriends staying over, the last couple of weekends there has been 9 - yes, 9 - in the house. Chaos? Absolutely! Love it? Definately! That Italian Mama in me loves it :) Joe set fire to the frying pan - on a plus side it was a good learning experience! He has passed his driving test. And is still all loved up. Ben is back with the bass :) And is all loved up :) I've got the bicycle back out - God, I forgot how sore my bum gets sitting on that thing LOL Got a scrap evening in. Went to see Daisy Pulls It Off at the Quince Players, fab evening, and lots of money raised for Pauls Trust, who donated a £900 trike to Patrick and Angela :) Football season nearly finished - phew! Jeff's back at work. Bless him, he had to take 3 days of his holiday just to change to heater on the Galaxy - but he saved us £1300 so worth it :) Neighbours are back to being their usual unfriendly selves it's a bit like living next door to Jekyll and Hyde! I'm frantically finishing my portfolio for my teacher training, so still got a few manic weeks ahead. Had my final observed lesson, so just the theory left. And then the Child Pyschology Level 4 - will I ever learn?!
Love these photos of Ella :) Of course, she can't actually ride the bike, but she feels so proud of herself on it! And the second photo, I love the light exposure on it - planned of course....not!