Friday, May 07, 2010
Busy. Busy. Busy. With girlfriends staying over, the last couple of weekends there has been 9 - yes, 9 - in the house. Chaos? Absolutely! Love it? Definately! That Italian Mama in me loves it :) Joe set fire to the frying pan - on a plus side it was a good learning experience! He has passed his driving test. And is still all loved up. Ben is back with the bass :) And is all loved up :) I've got the bicycle back out - God, I forgot how sore my bum gets sitting on that thing LOL Got a scrap evening in. Went to see Daisy Pulls It Off at the Quince Players, fab evening, and lots of money raised for Pauls Trust, who donated a £900 trike to Patrick and Angela :) Football season nearly finished - phew! Jeff's back at work. Bless him, he had to take 3 days of his holiday just to change to heater on the Galaxy - but he saved us £1300 so worth it :) Neighbours are back to being their usual unfriendly selves it's a bit like living next door to Jekyll and Hyde! I'm frantically finishing my portfolio for my teacher training, so still got a few manic weeks ahead. Had my final observed lesson, so just the theory left. And then the Child Pyschology Level 4 - will I ever learn?!
Love these photos of Ella :) Of course, she can't actually ride the bike, but she feels so proud of herself on it! And the second photo, I love the light exposure on it - planned of course....not!


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