Saturday, May 15, 2010
Been teaching and working most of the week. Up to my eyes in Governor stuff for new admissions, I think "Arghhhh!" says it all LOL Ben queried why I was still a governor at the school when they've all left and it's all voluntary. He has a point!

Went to the big fashion sale in Ascot this morning with Anna :) Wasn't a great deal that grabbed me, but I'd been thinking about getting some sparkly bra straps for a while, so finally treated myself :) From
Chantee - the website is actually pretty limited, there was a lot more to chose from.

This afternoon Joshua had a football tournament and they won :) He played really well, considering he was in casualty on Tuesday!

Oh yeah, fell in the science lab, knocked himself out briefly and injured his arm. So yet more hours spent sitting in casualty - I really ought to get that season ticket LOL


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