Sunday, May 23, 2010
What a fab weekend with a fab bunch of girlies :) Got to Debden at 2pm. And waited. And waited. And waited! Began to think I had the wrong weekend LOL But everyone started turning up after 4pm. So, several hours of creating and a lovely meal later and what are we doing? Well some of us are still crafting and some of us are watching the final episode of Ashes to Ashes. I wasn't bothered about the programme, but no harm in admiring a bit of the Gene Genie :) Sadly, I am not a true scrapper as I missed a fabulous scrapping opportunity at the end of the programme. Archie's face was an absolute picture and I didn't get to the camera in time LOLThese are just some photos of the grounds around Debden House. It truly is a breathtaking place : There's lots more on my facebook page if you're bothered :))And finally, the girls. So, in no particular order, what did I learn this weekend? I met Aunty Jackie who is lovely. Gladys is still happy in bed. Pepper scraps lovely pages. Archie isn't sure that just because a rubon says "spunk" (American rub-on obviously) that it's necessarily appropriate for an English layout, but we made her smile. KT is sooo sweet. Claire said hello to everyone ;) Gwneth has had some amazingly embarassing moments. Dougie wants paper with Poo written on them. Or is it that Claire wants her to have them? Lou had the most awesome necklace on Friday night that she had made. Jo has got bitten by the beading bug. And me, I taught everyone an alternative to a Meatloaf song, and no I'm not repeating it! And as for those lists ............


Love to hear from you. Please leave your thoughts below. Suzanne xx