Sunday, May 23, 2010
What a tiring few days. The list I had to get through Thursday in order to get away Friday for the weekend was pretty immense. Complete pay claim - always complicated! Finish library book as due back Friday. Email Wendy. Card for Joy. All the portfolios up to date - and that took hours! Lesson plan for Friday. Joshua to YOP - that's a whole separate post. Pack scrapping stuff. Shower. Shave! Clothes pack. Money for Claire. DTTLs assignment stuff. Oh, plus feeding the kids. Believe it or not - and going to bed at gone 1am I managed to get it all done. Well, save for the book. Which wasn't the end of the world as I never really got into the book. Plus of course other stuff going on. Like Joe being on suspension. Like WFTC reckoning we owe them £5,800!! Like having to fight for Joe to get a sensible award from the criminal injury compensation people. You know, sometimes I wonder when we are due a break and a few months of stress-free living!


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