Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Cup half full as ever I'm already over the self-pitying! Have had some last minute extra classes offered which means an unexpected bonus in my pay check at the end of July - much needed with the summer coming. Joe and Marley have made up :) :) One of the little thugs has been arrested; arrest warrant out for the second; and hopefully DNA will help with a couple more. Jeff has already fixed most of the car so at least it's driveable again. Ella seems to have got over her latest difficult period. Boy does she scream when she wants! Fostering application forms arrived yesterday. Ironically so did something from the LA - an invite to attend an Open Evening - when we're on holiday, and the next one is November! I don't know, they cry out for foster carers, but don't exactly get their finger out *rolls eyes* Um.... Oh, waiting for Jeanette - haven't seen her for months then twice in 3 days she must want something LOL Oh, wait a minute, yes she does LMAO. And the sun is shining. And Jeff and I both have the day off :)
The mini-album is something I made for one of Joshua's best mates - Aaron - as a pressie for his girlfriend. It's only little, but I think cute :)


  1. Glad to hear you're striving to keep the positive attitude & to stay on top of things. The mini-album is just lovely!!!

  2. Great Scrapping, Suzanne!


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