Sunday, June 27, 2010
Do you think when you get a phone call saying "The meeting you are Chairing started 15 minutes ago, is everything alright?" means you are doing too much!!

Wednesday I left the house at 9am and eventually returned home in a heap at 9.15pm. I don't mind too much as it's just for a couple of weeks to cover another tutor's sick leave. But no way would I like to make a habit of it. Thursday much of the same. Friday and Saturday I was at a conference. During which time I get daft calls from the boys like "Where's my tie?" and "I'm leaving home". Seriously? I'm an hour away from home, what do they honestly think I can do about it? I assume that's part of the Mummy thing - being Omnipresent and all-powerful LOL! While I was out yesterday Ella got to spend a lovely day with her Godmother - Aunty Joy :)

Italy went out of the World Cup - what was that about?!

Photographs taken of my Joshua a few days ago :)


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