Saturday, June 12, 2010
Okay, just a quick boring recap of the last fortnight. Up till Monday was frantically completing all my college work as that was the deadline. So it's all handed in, now just got to wait and see. Joshua has been trying out for the local town's Allied County Team. Last trial tomorrow so everything crossed for him. Joe's away this weekend with Marley's family. Ella is really enjoying dancing, so pleased for her :) Governor stuff is really stressful - 10 appeals - eek! Work was beginning to wind down, and suddenly I've ended up with 6 extra classes to teach! Oh well, will help towards the lack of wages in August and September. LA haven't phoned about fostering - so Monday sending off application forms to a private fostering organisation. Absolutely ridiculous, we'll end up with the same children, but it will cost the LA twice as much. Go figure.

Quick photo of Ella at the cinema :)


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