Saturday, July 31, 2010
Just a real quick post as been mega busy - so mega post tomorrow! But having been away found out that my background had gone. Fair do's, obv The Cutest Blog on the Block need to update regularly. So new background, and while I was browsing their site found the new blinkie below my profile 'It's a Wonderful Life'. How could I not use that? :) Laterz xx
Sunday, July 11, 2010
Ella's Sports Day Friday - doesn't she look so proud. Amazing how photos can be decieving though, cos it looks like she's running, whereas it was about 2 steps! And lovely candid snap of her and Jeff :)
What else? Finished teaching for the summer, and the house is already beginning to look like it should. Although without 2 lazy teenagers hanging around it would look even better! Joy came round Thursday night and we watched New Moon in preparation for seeing Eclipse. Also gave her all 4 books, so that should keep her quiet for a while! Laterz xx
Wednesday, July 07, 2010
OMG I love my Wednesday students! They had their last lesson today and gave me a card and a pressie - well 2 pressies - well 2 Cath Kidston pressies!!!! And the comments on the card were just so lovely. I nearly cried - what a tart LMAO!
Yesterday was a Center Parcs girlie night and ........ wait for it .......Hev was hostess! And it was perfect. Not sure the neighbour thought so when 3 girls stood on her doorstep with alcohol asking what's for tea!!
This afernoon had an interview for a permanent part-time teaching staff member. Don't think I did very well, but hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Tuesday, July 06, 2010
Just a quick post. This was a challenge ages ago on a forum, but I didn't like how I finished it, so a little tweak, and now it will go lovely in our bedroom too :) I just love this photo with the hands and camera!

Off out with my girlfriends tonight, Heathers cooking.........I could be gone a while LMAO xx
Monday, July 05, 2010
Finally been doing some crafting :) Saw this frame at Ella's school for about 50 pence. Jeff is going to paint our bedroom over the summer while I'm at Roberts, so thought I would alter it to match. That's the reason for the basket. Not bothered about the smellies - they will probably end up in the Christmas Fayre, but thought the basket and scrub perfect :)So, this was the end result :) It's not perfect, but it is my own handiwork and I used all stuff I already had. And I like it :) Other than that been pretty manic, covering the other tutors hours seemed like a good idea - but role on Thursday lunchtime.

Passed my DTLLS :) Go me!

Joy came round for a drink last week and a catch-up and managed to persuade her to watch Twilight. Lent her the book. I will get her into it by fair means or foul!

Dad and Sandra were up for the day yesterday. Had a lovely day. Watched Josh at some football trials. Had lunch at Frankie and Bennys. Trip to Homebase. Just a nice, easy day.

Speaking of those football trials - Joshua has been invited to join both Bracknell AND Wokingham Allied Counties Trials - go Josh!!!

Got to copy and paste this from Facebook cos I'm still smiling about it: Ella: "Daddy said he would take me sky diving after Joshua's football". Me: "What?!" Ella: "Daddy said he would take me sky diving after Joshua's football." Me: "Are you sure?" Ella: "Yes". Turns out Ella thought sky diving, Jeff said tie dying LMAO!