Monday, July 05, 2010
Finally been doing some crafting :) Saw this frame at Ella's school for about 50 pence. Jeff is going to paint our bedroom over the summer while I'm at Roberts, so thought I would alter it to match. That's the reason for the basket. Not bothered about the smellies - they will probably end up in the Christmas Fayre, but thought the basket and scrub perfect :)So, this was the end result :) It's not perfect, but it is my own handiwork and I used all stuff I already had. And I like it :) Other than that been pretty manic, covering the other tutors hours seemed like a good idea - but role on Thursday lunchtime.

Passed my DTLLS :) Go me!

Joy came round for a drink last week and a catch-up and managed to persuade her to watch Twilight. Lent her the book. I will get her into it by fair means or foul!

Dad and Sandra were up for the day yesterday. Had a lovely day. Watched Josh at some football trials. Had lunch at Frankie and Bennys. Trip to Homebase. Just a nice, easy day.

Speaking of those football trials - Joshua has been invited to join both Bracknell AND Wokingham Allied Counties Trials - go Josh!!!

Got to copy and paste this from Facebook cos I'm still smiling about it: Ella: "Daddy said he would take me sky diving after Joshua's football". Me: "What?!" Ella: "Daddy said he would take me sky diving after Joshua's football." Me: "Are you sure?" Ella: "Yes". Turns out Ella thought sky diving, Jeff said tie dying LMAO!


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