Monday, August 02, 2010
Bit of a catch up before the hols saga!
  • Went with Joy, Pat and Heather to see Eclipse. It was good to watch it with fellow fans - rather than Jeff who fell asleep!
  • Collapsed in a heap after all the extra teaching - what a lightweight!! This is the girl who could work 50 hours a week with 3 children under 4. Or could party all night - and did ;)
  • I assume I didn't get the job (last post) but do I want to be employed by people that work like that? I think not!
  • Sat in as Presenting Officer at 10 appeals. Obv can't talk about it - but can be hardwork sometimes being a Governor.
  • Jeff bought me these - my fav sweets - and luckily Ella hates them LOL


  1. Ha! I love it if i find something i like and the kids don't..don't have to spend ages looking for somewhere safe to hide them :)
    Are you on hol now then as school out?
    I have been having the odd nap in the afternoon to catch up ..but then i am MUCH older :) xx

  2. Yes Sue, in France at my brothers :)


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