Sunday, August 15, 2010
Can't believe another week has passed. Why do holidays take so long to arrive, and so quick to go! This week has been almost as eventful as last!

Ella is covered - and I mean covered - in bites and scratches :(

James's 15th birthday today - so we're celebrating in the rain!

Little bruv tried to take a chunk of his big toe - yeuck!

I'm getting an average of 3-5 hours sleep a night - yep, Ella.

I have finally got her to sleep in the tent! That is a huge achievement.

Their cat, the one that had gone missing, died :(

Ella has had 2 fits. The second was on the terrace - concrete floor :(

I have only managed to break 2 camping lights and a cup this week, so that's an improvement on last week!

But it is still relaxing!

I think the expression 'I need another holiday to get over this one' is going to be very apt this year LOL

Photos of Ella showing how quickly she goes downhill. The first she was chatting to Jeff on Skype and was so excited, and within half an hour she had thrown a temperature and was sick :(

Notice the difference to my photos? Well better late than never I have had my eyes opened to Picnik :) Wonderful website :)


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