Sunday, August 01, 2010
Okay, not a long post today after all, but a grumble cos it's been bothering me for weeks - so I shall whinge at anyone interested LOL. So, you see a job description you like. Spend an hour or so making sure the application is just right. and if you're like me you do a rough draft first to ensure it's about as good and relevant as it can be. Because it's a teaching job you then spend several hours planning a 10 minute presentation. Drive however long to the interview. Be kept waiting, cos hey, they can do that! Surely a HR dept should know as the day goes on things run late and plan accordingly. Stress through the interview. Drive the distance home. Now, not getting the job is disappointing (although not in some cases!) but how much effort is it for a 40p run of the mill letter; a phone message left on the answerphone - even an e-mail - some sort of communication saying 'thanks but no thanks'. We complain about a general lack of manners nowadays but if youngsters are going for job after job and this is how they're treated, it's hardly surprising. Just really bugs me! Rant over!

Photo of Ella and Joy :)


  1. Its also very bad manners!! I totally agree with you and interviews today -especially in the teaching world are so stressful..they have YOU jumping though hoops!!


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