Sunday, August 22, 2010
"I sold everything that meant less to me than having a baby."

Adoption. Where to begin? Okay, a little bit of history. Doctors thought I might have trouble conceiving - cysts, menopausal signs - won't bore you with the gory details! I was blessed to be able to get pregnant. Carried 3 and lost 2, not brilliant statistics, but I would never complain. Well, except when they are testing every maternal gene in my body, then I complain plenty!

Carrying Joe was a nightmare. He was a Rhesus Negative baby, and because I hadn't had the Anti-D jab with the previous miscarriage, it was a difficult pregnancy, culminating in the last 6 weeks being stuck in a maternity ward. Fast forward to the miscarriage after Ben. I didn't feel I could put my body, or my soul, through the pain and heartache again. And we looked at the sheer number of children in this country that need a home. Okay, so that is an incredibly brief explanation of my pregancies, but as it isn't the reason for todays post, it'll do.

So we decided to adopt. And what an eventful experience that was - also worthy of it's own post. Another fast forward and Ella has been a light in our life, as well as testing our parenting skills to the limit on some occasions, for the last 7 years.

But, and the reason for todays post, finances were never considered in the process. Yes, we had to prove we could afford another, but as someone once said to me 'once you've had 3, it doesn't matter how many more you have'. We never had to actually fund the process. That seems fair, we're taking a child/children that need a home, and social services benefit by removing the child from the system and funding foster care, etc. The only charge could have been the medical, but our GP waived the fee when he found out what the medical was for.

My online friend Suzanne is stuck in a nightmare situation. This blog post explains what she is going through. There is no way we could have afforded to adopt if that system was here, and how much we, and anyone that's met her, would have lost if Ella had never been part of our family.

But as you, hopefully, read, she's not giving up lying down! So this post has her stamps for sale :) Please take a few minutes to have a look, see if there's anything that takes your fancy, and remember every penny is helping a couple look after a child that needs loving parents :)


  1. Suzanne ... words cannot begin to describe my response to your lovely post. I cannot thank you enough that you shared your story & are willing to direct your readers to my blog to help me sell my stamps! I will be going through more this weekend. You're right ... I am not taking this lying down! When you have a chance, please email me at latharia at comcast dot net so I can get your mailing address for the stamp you wanted! :) BLESS YOU!


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