Monday, August 23, 2010
If you didn't read yesterday's post, don't forget to :)
So, Ella's hair has got really long ..........Looks lovely when it's just washed and brushed doesn't it? What you don't see and hear is the 20 minutes of nightmare it takes to get it to look like this! Or the 20 seconds it takes for her to attach breakfast to it! Or, and a personal favourite, the Worzel Gummidge look first thing in the morning. Yep, I put it in plaits, bunches, french plaits, but I know that she sits on the school bus and unweaves it before she even gets to school! And she does love her long hair ........ She has spent all summer doing this, or impersonating the girl from The Ring! And the last time we took her to a hairdressers was an, er, interesting experience. Imagine an autistic child, with severe attention problems acting as if she had just eaten 10 packs of Smarties trying to sit still. And you go some way to imagining the fun and games the hairdresser had! Another reason why we've let her hair grow ;)
But yesterday, after more tears at breakfast I decided to take the bull by the horns - or Ella to the scissors. In 10 minutes, cos I knew that was probably the most I was going to get, I cut it myself! Even then, if I'd a pound for every time I said "Yes, nearly done, sit still just a bit longer" I would be treating us all to a slap up meal LOL
So, this is wet.......And this is dry. Even if I may say so myself, and I think I may, not a bad job!


  1. What a cute, no fuss haircut!!!!

  2. its adorable!!!! and makes her look so grown up

  3. lookie at her, she's all grown up! Come to Norfolk, Genny needs a haircut!!!

  4. It looks wonderful!!!!!!


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