Friday, August 06, 2010
So, France.......we've been here 10 days and it's been an eventful 10 days!

Jeff left Ben, Ella and me here while he went with Josh home for some football tournament and work. And, as he doesn't read this, so I shan't die of embarrassment, I miss him sooooooo much. Drives me up the wall moaning when we're together, and my heart actually hurts when we're apart. Go figure!

Josh flew for the first time ever. Was slightly anxious he wouldn't get on the plane - hey, I know ALL about that!

We've broken my brothers satelite connection, although God only knows how!

First time I've ever driven in France - more to the point - on the wrong side of the road!

Ran over a bird and killed it :(

Had the most amazing storms - lovely to watch - nightmare when they blow the electrics and you realise you haven't got a clue where the fuse box is!

Not even going to mention the cystitis - ouch.

Ella has point blank refused to sleep in the tent - thank God for my brothers house, or we'd sleeping in the car.

Oh, Ella also has taken a liking to Grease. Now I love that film, and the music - but can I just say - 8 times in 5 days? and counting!!!!!

Broke something in the car so the Sat Nav doesn't work.

Mosquitos - little buggers - give you a clue - 7 bites on 1 hand. Grrrr.

Will that do for a first week? Jeff thinks I shouldn't be let out alone - I don't know what he means :) Right, off for a swim - managed 30 lengths yesterday :) Impressed? Good, not going to spoil it by saying how small the pool is LMAO!



  1. ((((((hugs)))))))) For all the bad bits!
    You will only remember the good/funny bits when you get back hopefully.
    Take care xxx

  2. I can't find your email address, so I'll just say (1) Yes, please do link to that post! (2) Setting aside the stamp you wanted and (3) I LOVE BUBBLES! :D Oh ... and I added more stamps. :)


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