Saturday, August 21, 2010
Three weeks yesterday Jeff flew back to England with Josh and left me with Ella and Ben. In some ways it's flown past, keeping the kids amused. But missing Jeff? Who'd of thought I would miss the grumpy old sod so much?! I can't wait to see him, so now seems a good time to start the bets on how many days after Tuesday will he be driving me up the wall again! Not the other way round of course ;)

So, what else?

Robert and Jane have been working so hard on their loft conversion since I've been here. I really feel for them, August in France, putting up plasterboard, sanding etc. Get the picture? I've helped out where I can - shopping; cleaning; washing up - especially washing up! Ironic, every other year Jeff itches to do something other than relax. The year he's not here he could have been so busy he'd have been begging for a rest!

Last night we had a mini swarm of flying beetles. Ella was in her element pointing them out! Stopped counting when we had disposed of over 30 - bleurgh!

And can I just say. Farmhouse in the country. Idyllic. Yes, but, isn't there always a but? But no when it comes to blocked drains. Let's just say I am now totally in awe of my sis-in-law. I could never do what she has to. Say no more? Good idea!

Have I broken anything this week? Not directly, but we're still down one glass, minor, and one tent strut, major.

Ella has really settled into sleeping in the tent. So much so that we have - okay, she has - tantrums when the boys want it for the night! Jeez that kid can be contrary? What? She's a female? So????

Photos of Ben and my nephews at the pool. Anything missing? Well, anybody missing? A certain young lady was having a strop in the car at the time - her loss!


  1. Even with helping renovate a bit, it looks like a delightful holiday!!! :)


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