Wednesday, August 04, 2010
Vilanova Holiday Camp - Spain.

Highlights - Lovely weather; Jeff and the boys got to tour the Nou Camp; Spending time with Jeff; Nice site; Jeff threatening the window washers in Paris and them realising he was serious!

Downpoints: Delayed ferry cos of bad weather; Sat Nav deciding the quickest route was right through the heart of Paris!; Cystitis +++; Jeff deciding he doesn't like the beach - after booking a beach holiday; the gym on the site deciding Ben couldn't use it as he was too young, even though it wasn't written anywhere; attitude of the Spanish towards Ella.

Overall - Bliss to spend 10 days away from everything :)

More photos on Facebook as I cba to upload loads in 2 places!


  1. Ha Ha ..theres ALWAYS downsides to any holiday that we usually try to gloss over or forget!
    Glad you had a bit of a break and the weather looks like it was great xx


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