Monday, September 06, 2010
11.30pm "I'll set the alarm for 6.30, now that kids are going back to school I need to get back into routine."

6.30am BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! snooze,,,,,,,
6.39am snooze.......
6.48am snooze......

Eventually crawl out at 7am. Oh well, I'll definately exercise tomorrow LMAO like we all know that isn't going to happen! Fight with Ella to have a shower and hair wash.

7.45 am Ella's eating brekkie and Jeff's making packed lunch. Door knocks and bus is 20 mins early. Had tried to prepare Ella for new school building - new teachers and SSA - new uniform - new timetable. Did not know I would also have to prepare her for new driver and escort and no friend on the bus. Grrr! Why do officials not work together to make easier for our children. Oh and, horror of horrors, cos of the chaos I didn't get to photograph her going to school on her first day of secondary! As a scrapper I failed magnificently! But hey, there's always tomorrow and a white lie!

Then went to Angela's for a visit. Sneaked a couple of lovely photos of Jeff with the girls :)


  1. Sounds just like our house darling- i DID managed a photo of Meg but had to bribe her.
    and we do it all again tomorrow! xx

  2. Great photos!! :) And it sounds like you're jumping into the academic year with both feet. Don't forget to put your shoes on. :)

    Oh, and please do email me & let me know where I can send your stamps! :D


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