Friday, September 03, 2010
Mum, I got into college.
Excellent Josh :)
I need my qualifications certificate, passport photos, 2 references, and all these forms filled in.
And £10.00 for ID and printing.
And £30 for administration costs
Er, okay.
And £85.00 for the kit I need.
And £240 for a residential trip.
Yeah, no problem (we just won't eat for the rest of the month). Anything else?
Um, yeah, I've got to enrol tomorrow and take it all with me.
............. (me speechless)
Mum? Mum?

The things we do as parents *roll eyes*

And a couple of days ago Sue gave me a blog award - thanks soooo much :) Not sure about a big heart - big ass definately LOL. Will do my awards next post :)

Oh, and posted on FB but not here. Social Worker has been out to interview us as they liked us on paper. Let's hope they liked us IRL! Prayers and vibes very welcome :)


  1. That exchange is too funny!!!

    Lots of prayers being sent your way! :D


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