Sunday, September 26, 2010
Sitting here typing oh so slowly, typo's and spelling errors very likely! Last night was the first time this year I enjoyed a glass or 3, or more, of Pernod. And although I was only chilled, anybody that likes a glass of pernod will know that any fluids imbibed the next day reacts badly (or well, depending on your take ;) ) and you end up chilled all over again!The reason for the slight excess of alcohol? Well I totally blame my friends Jeanette and Sandra! We were all at Sandra's with our other halves enjoying a lovely meal and even lovelier company. Well, when I say lovely meal ....... we've all known each other 21 years - which in itself is a pretty scarey thought - so one has to wonder why Sandra put peppers in Jeff's chilli when she knows that he's allergic to them? I always thought she liked him, but maybe I was wrong, maybe she's been harbouring a deep seated hatred and it erupted last night! Nah, unlikely, now if I added it to Jeff's meal .........
So, can you tell which one of use was the designated driver lmao!These 2 are absolutely lovely ladies who been so supportive during the best and worst times and I am honoured that they count me as a friend :)

As usual a lot of alcohol, rude jokes and catching up took place. And if David and Nick would like to get in touch we also discussed how to solve all the country's problems ;)


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