Sunday, October 24, 2010
Oops! Not sure where the last 10 days have gone since the last post. I think it's one of those things. When you do something everyday it becomes so routine that you can't imagine not doing it. Then the routine breaks and getting back into it is so much harder. Of course, could also be that my life has been as dull as dishwater so I've nothing to say. Yeah, okay, stop laughing, like that could ever happen!

On routines. In France I would get out of the tent and swim at 10 every morning. It was lovely. I felt fitter. Invigorated. And I think it helped wake up my writing. Cos I would then write so easily for a couple of hours. And I was eating so healthily, even lost half-a-stone on holiday! How often does that happen? Well, except when you get a cake of Delhi Belly!

On eating. It was so much easier to eat healthily abroad. The fruit and veg looked appealing and time is made to sit and enjoy your food. Back home it's rushed between school, work, college, football. Cooking becomes rushed, not enjoyed.

On cooking. I have been baking for England. Well okay, not England, but by my standards pretty impressive! Getting a bit of a whizz at cakes and biscuits. So thought I would venture a bit out of my comfort zone. Actually any cooking is out of my comfort zone LOL Saw Jamies Half Hour Cooking and thought the spinach and feta cheese filo pie looked interesting.


Me: Yes, it can be done in half an hour, and is pretty easy, but the cost - :(
Jeff: It's okay, wouldn't want it too often.
Jeff: (bedtime with chronic indigestion) Never cook that again!
Joe: You seriously made that?
Josh: Looks like a flower.
Ben: Don't ever make me taste that again!
Ella: Ate it....of course :)

On Kids:
Ella - been a bit up and down. Seems to start the week aggressive and stressed, and mellows out as the week goes on. Bedtimes still a pain. She went to the schools Saturday Club for the first time. I was a nervous wreck as they were going to the cinema, Burger King and then the park. No-one except us, and a few people that I trust implicitly had ever taken her anywhere. But it turned out she had a 1:1, was a diamond and had a blast. Had to pay for the cinema and food herself. So as well as being respite for us it's helping her learn self-help and independence.
Joe - need to fill out an application form for Tesco's apprenticeship. He might as well get an extra qualification while he decides what he wants to do. But keeping him in one place long enough is like trying to put down clouds! Suggested he sign on. Not ideal, but we've just had to fork out £14 for his inhalers!
Josh - has just got back from a college trip. And still playing football for the college, Wokingham Allied Counties and Finch Reserves. Plus boxing training for fitness levels. That's one healthy son.
Ben - what can I say? Enjoying his bass, I just love to hear him playing it. Doing well in music and drama. And that's about it. He doesn't know what he wants to do so can't see the point of pushing himself. We told his tutor that at parents evening. As is typical of EP it's not followed up until we get a letter this week saying his grades are dropping. Well maybe if you bothered to listen to parents.......

On EP - had a stroppy letter saying that Ben had been spoken to on numerous occasions about his phone - his ipod - and incorrect uniform. I pointed out that his phone is broke, he doesn't own an ipod and his tutor knows about the uniform. Surprise, surprise, no apology as yet.

On fostering - so frustrating. I can understand why there is always a shortage! Will save that for another day when I'm less riled so less likely to say something I shouldn't!

Phew. No photos seeing as this was a catch up post.


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