Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Can you believe it's October and our hanging baskets are still in bloom. Okay, so everything else has died in there, but it's still looking good :)
These herb name sticks we got in The Range - one whole pound each - and they are going to look fab in their respective tubs next year. And the boys will have no opportunity to say "I can't pick some I don't know what it looks like!" Very good value methinks.So yesterday I got a lovely comment, from an equally lovely fella, about a photograph I had taken. And it made me feel good :) Everybody likes to hear something nice. You could pick just the moment when someone is so low and you don't even know what a positive effect you've had on them. When was the last time you just complimented someone out of the blue? Go on, do it today, make someone's day, you know you want to.


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