Saturday, October 09, 2010
There are days when Ella is, simply, hard work. Nothing I can do appeases her. Nothing is good enough. She won't walk anywhere without holding a hand. She screams for no reason. Etc. Etc. Etc. Simply hard work. So I've been with her all morning while Jeff had a lay in (not complaining about that, he was knackered!) and then he went and watched Ben's football match - which his team won 6-1. Obviously pleased that he won, more so that his old best mate, and fellow team mate, was in the other team. Back to Ella. Jeff has now taking over so I can shower; hair colour; bake some scones and cupcakes; mark a couple of students portfolios; do a photograph session for Joshua and his best mates; 3 more loads of washing; and sort out some scrapping stuff for a December album. See how I mentioned the C word without actually saying the C word lol!

We watched The Lovely Bones, which was, oh, okay and Remember Me which had me in tears at the end :(

So, one of the pluses of Ella's moods is the need to 'do' something. Does that make sense, I have plenty on my list, but sometimes it's the need to create, adapt, clean, tidy. And today was a tidy. So the list is still as long (and I sort of think that updating my blog wasn't on the list so still as long!) but I have a good feeling and a tidy cupboard :)



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