Sunday, October 10, 2010
Today Jeff, Ella and I took Mum to Southend-on-Sea to see her friends Pat and Mike. As they've been friends for 40 plus years, I've always known them as Aunty Pat and Uncle Mike. And still do. Apparently makes them feel old, but it just seems wrong not giving them their proper title! I've done the same with the boys, it's just a personal thing, but I think it shows a mark of respect. I digress - there's a change I hear you sarcastically think :) We had a lovely day. Couldn't believe how lovely the weather was for October - shorts! I know, Jeff's got his chicken legs out, but a small price to pay to see the sun :) Have included a couple of photos. Played with Picnik to get the colours, I really like it.Walked along the promenade, then had lunch. Strolled around the shops, found a couple of ornaments that belong to the C word that I didn't mention yesterday in a charity shop. Also found a store we don't have locally - TJ Hughes, and got some C presents :) Ended up in an American style diner, Bobby-Jo's 50's Diner, and the milkshakes and desserts were to die for! Def worth a visit :) Then back to pick up Mum and met Chris and Glynis (son and DIL that I haven't seen for years), who were as lovely as they always were :) Only downer on the whole day was the journey home - M25? Say no more!


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