Saturday, November 06, 2010
Guy Fawkes night and like a good Catholic I celebrated the naughty Catholic at a Fireworks night at a Catholic School :) The fireworks were - and always have been - fantastic. Bracknell Fireworks (now called Stars or something - the ones that do the X Factor displays) have always put them on and they are always spectacular - for English fireworks! Sorry, but once you've seen Italian fireworks nothing, but nothing compares. That aside it was a lovely evening, boys weren't bothered so just Ella, Jeff and me. Bit of a reality check though, watching the tiny kids in their all-in-one suits, reminded us of when our kids were that young and that we have been coming to this firework display for a lot of years!

Love this photo - has a 'Close Encounters of the First Kind' feeling :)And I love this just because I found out I can do it LMAO!


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